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Feature Films


Ulla Peet in Fracture
Director: Larry Parr
Kahukura Productions
(voted most popular film at St Tropez Film Festival)


Mel in I'll Make You Happy
Director: Athina Tsoulis
Ample Films


Evelyn in The Ugly
Director: Scott Reynolds
Essential Films


Acting coach to Melanie Lynskey in Heavenly Creatures
Wingnut Films


Dorothea Brook in Desperate Remedies
Directors: Peter Wells and Stuart Main
James Wallace Productions
(Official Selection in Cannes Film Festival 1993)


Mireille/Sarah in The Footstep Man
Director: Leon Narbey
John Maynard Productions


Teresa in Dangerous Orphans
Director: John Laing

Short Films


Mother in The Painted Lady
Director:  Belinda Schmid
Second Cine
Best Short Film in NZ Film Awards 2000


Frances in The Proposal
Director: Simon Bennett
South Pacific Pictures


Woman in The Bar
Director:  Dorthe Scheffman
This Is It Productions


Jane in I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Director:  Michael Hurst
Frame Up Films (watch on NZ On Screen)


Lauren in A Game With No Rules
Director:  Scott Reynolds
Zee Films (watch on NZ On Screen)


Linda in Linda's Body
Directors:  Harry Sinclair and Don McGlashan
Front Lawn Films (watch on NZ On Screen)
Best Short Film in NZ Film and TV Awards 1990

Raewyn in Danny and Raewyn
Director:  Gregor Nicholas
Hibiscus Films (watch on NZ On Screen)


2002:  As Ulla Peet in Fracture

"The acting is uniformly good with standout performances from . . . an almost unrecognisable Ward-Lealand." (The Press)


1998:  As Mel in I'll Make You Happy


1992:   As Dorothea Brook in Desperate Remedies

"Ms. Ward-Lealand looks and acts like a cross between Greta Garbo in Queen Christina and Catherine Deneuve." (The New York Times)


1991:  As Mireille in The Footstep Man

"Jennifer Ward-Lealand, as Mirielle, the lover of both Toulouse-Latrec and Sam Jolley, is the film's most striking presence - her portrayal of Mirielle's yearning for freedom seems at times as though it will indeed break through all constraint." (New Zealand Listener)


1990:  As Linda in Linda's Body

"Jennifer Ward-Lealand delivers the most convincing performance." (OnFilm)


1985:   As Raewyn in Danny and Raewyn

"Jennifer Ward Lealand . . . is utterly convincing and stakes a good claim to be one of our finest screen actors."  (New Zealand Listener)

J E N N I F E R   W A R D - L E A L A N D   O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E